Tuesday, November 21, 2006

3 month anniversary!

Thats right, its been 3 months since I got D! Things have been going
really well! He hasn't bitten in almost 7 weeks, so I am VERY proud of
my little man. And his vocabulary is just booming. I can't believe how
much I understand of what he says. This past Sunday, we went to the
zoo. I don't have pics up of it yet, stupid camera batteries, but I
will get them soon.

In other news, we got our new apartment! The movers come today and
we'll be sleeping in the new place tonite, so I am VERY happy about
that. My loud neighbors in the current place were driving me nuts last
night, so I TRULY can not wait to be on the 2nd floor with noone above
me. Its about time!

Well thats about it for now, just had to update you guys, because
Jalissa told me I have GOT to update this. lol I just keep forgetting
about it. Pics to come!