Thursday, June 21, 2007

Happy Birthday, D!!!

Just wanted to get on here and say HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY to my sweet baby boy!!! He's so grown!!

My friend Kristen treated us to Chuck E Cheese for D's birthday (she missed his party!) and she brought along her nephews, Dudda and Drake. D loves him some Dudda!! Here's pics!

Dudda rockin the helicopter

These boys gon' be running buddies someday

Thats right, man, you can drive THAT car until you're 30...

Anger management classes!

A boy and his monster truck

Soooo about to get in trouble!

Teedy and Dudda, shootin hoops

Yeah we let em cheat on the Skeeball

Teedy, Drake, and D...shootin water

Dat cutie pie Drake with Chuck E Cheese!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

D's 3rd Birthday Party!! (The 2nd One)

So today was D's second 3rd birthday party! This was a family-only one at my aunts house. It was going to be a pool party, so they had bubbles and beach balls and floaties and water guns, but it RAINED!!! Nooooooooo...although we did get some sun in the afternoon so D got in the pool for a minute...but that was it...we had fun though! Here's pics!

The cake!!!! How cool is that???!!!!

D's showing off HIS cake

Lots of beachballs!!!

D watchin some tv in his new chair

Playing with his new fish

D and Aunt Donna

My grandma and two of my aunts

Its a Slip N Slide!

Oooohhh a Transformers Mr Potato Head!!!

AND a dump truck!!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

D's 3rd Birthday Party!! (The 1st One)

Today was the first of D's weekend parties for his THIRD BIRTHDAY!!!
We had a great time. My dad and his wife came all the way from Oklahoma for it! We did get rained out from the pool, but had fun in my home.
Here's pics!

The cake...a Diego cupcake cake...omg they put a LOT of
Lets get this party started!!!!

A mouthful of

One of our friends is inching towards the cake! Watch out!

Yeah, we got cake!


Look, Mom!! Diego!!

Lets just rip this off the card real quick...

More Diego!!!

A Diego BLANKET!!!! He literally DOVE into it, he was so excited!

A sleepy boy after some of our friends left

Bout to wake up Grandpa!

Playing with Liz's glasses before they left....

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My baby's gonna be 3!!!

My big boy is gonna be THREE next week!!! We have two parties this weekend, so I'll be sure to post those pics next week...but in the meantime, here's some pics I took tonite!

Thats no gang sign! I'ma be THREE!

LOL he did this himself!

We went to a birthday party and D was SICK, blah

Well our weekend wasn't too fabulous but it was ok. We went swimming Friday evening, but on Saturday, D ended up sick. He had a fever all day and was fairly lethargic. We did go to a birthday party for my best friends DH. It was fun but D wasn't feeling good so he kept looking for me and finally fell asleep on us. I took him home pretty early at 9:15.

Sunday, all we did was go to my gmas, then went to Kristens to take her some GOOD EAST TEXAS TOMATOES, lol, then we came home. D was in the bed about 6, and asleep quick.

Here's a few pics from the party.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

More fountain play and stuff

Soooooo how GOES it...tis been a week since I posted last, and really theres not much to catch up on! Memorial Day has come and gone, and D is settling into summer session at his school. They had splash day last Friday, and man, do I wish I had pics of that! We went to the fountains in Addison this evening for something fun to do, and met up with a couple other moms from DAM and their's pics, not many of the other kids, mostly of