Saturday, June 16, 2007

D's 3rd Birthday Party!! (The 1st One)

Today was the first of D's weekend parties for his THIRD BIRTHDAY!!!
We had a great time. My dad and his wife came all the way from Oklahoma for it! We did get rained out from the pool, but had fun in my home.
Here's pics!

The cake...a Diego cupcake cake...omg they put a LOT of
Lets get this party started!!!!

A mouthful of

One of our friends is inching towards the cake! Watch out!

Yeah, we got cake!


Look, Mom!! Diego!!

Lets just rip this off the card real quick...

More Diego!!!

A Diego BLANKET!!!! He literally DOVE into it, he was so excited!

A sleepy boy after some of our friends left

Bout to wake up Grandpa!

Playing with Liz's glasses before they left....

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