Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Dallas Zoo

We hit up the Dallas Zoo with some friends!

D loves the white alligators

He was a bit nervous around the elephant, since it was making quite a bit of noise.

The penguins stayed close to us

LOL Mackin on one girl and takin her sister down in the process

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Sneak peek of Chera pics!!

Here's a sneak peek of the pics that Chera took of D (and a random one or two of me too) in Deep Ellum. Love them!!! I can't wait to see the rest!

And this is D and her daughter, who he just LOVES. *heart*

Monday, January 04, 2010

Day 3 of the OKC Trip

Our last full day in OKC. We hit up the Fireman's Museum there, but on the way, I happened to spot quite an unusual cloud formation. Apparently there had been some aircraft go through the clouds and with as cold as it was, well, I'm not sure of the rest of the explanation, but it just looked crazy cool!!! After the museum, back to the house, to bake my dad a birthday cake since we would be leaving early the next day. And finally, we went to go watch my dad's soccer game, and then back to the house for some cake! A great day!

How neat is this??

D's such a poser...

Off to the playground outside the museum...

And climbing on the firetruck that was out there...that's my bro way in the background...

Yay for tire swings!

Mmmmmm the best part of cake making, licking the beaters!

Time to sing happy birthday!!

Get all the candles!!! Happy early birthday, Dad!

Day 2 of the OKC Trip

New Years Day...a new year, a time for family, fun, and lots of lights!

My dad put D to work shoveling snow while we waited on lunch to be ready, and for my half siblings to join us!

After lunch, it was playtime...yeah it was quite a dogpile!!

And then...Super D!!!

A bit later we went to look at Christmas lights and saw these...gorgeous!! I had to snap some pics...

New Years Eve in OKC

So for New Years Eve this year we headed to OKC to see my dad. We stayed til the 3rd so there will be more pics to come, this one is just about New Years Eve tho. We drove through a nasty storm to get together, but it finally cleared out, and was just freakin cold the rest of the way! They had a blizzard over Christmas so there was still lots of snow hanging around! D had a BLAST playing it, and so did we, esp getting HIM with After some playtime, we went to the OKC Thunder vs Utah Jazz game. We were invited to join some people my dad knew in a suite, and the OKC Thunder mascot Rumble came to join us for a photo op! D was in heaven! He had been watching for Rumble the whole game up until then!!! When the game was over, we headed into downtown OKC to get ready to watch the ball drop and the fireworks at midnight. Happy New Year!

D on the dino he got

Snow time!

Uhoh the snowball fights have begun...

This was D RIGHT after my brother told him to go get Liz!

Payback sucks!! lol Run, D!

Totally not expecting this one!

"He got me!!!"

"Ok I'm about done with this cold stuff"

"Thunder UP!"

D with Rumble, the mascot

My dad, D, my bro, me, and Liz (my dad's wife) after the Thunder BEAT the Jazz!

All bundled up to head outside in 26 degree temps

Liz and my dad, such a cute couple!

D is ready for some fireworks!

Aren't they gorgeous! There were some really neat looking ones too!

Christmas Day 2009

This year, I decided we were going to be at home for Christmas morning and do gifts to each other. My girl, Beth, willingly obliged in taking shopping with a bit of $$$$ from me so he could pick a few things out. The two of them did a great job!! After opening gifts and a yummy breakfast of cinnamon rolls, D and I headed to my aunts house to finish up family christmas. And finally, we joined Beth's family, as well as another new DAM friend, Aubrey's family, for Christmas dinner. The boys had a blast playing!

D on Christmas morning in his new pjs...

Our loot

Ripping up some paper

D in his new hat...that he loved for about 5

He got this new tunnel that he is already hiding toys in...

And one big candy kabob!

Now its over to my aunts...

D got a camera that he was just enthralled with...

Mommy and one sweet boy

After lunch, he got to go outside and play with the remote control car that we keep over there

Yay off to Miss Beth's house!!! This is D with his little buddy B...


"Miss Granny!!! D took something from me!"

Aubrey and dat sweet baby K

Brudders working together

All the grownups got gag gifts...can you tell what Aubrey's was?

Gah...too much sweetness...nothing like a sleeping baby in your arms to get your baby fever baby fixes!

4 little hot mess boys...they love each other!