Monday, January 04, 2010

Christmas Day 2009

This year, I decided we were going to be at home for Christmas morning and do gifts to each other. My girl, Beth, willingly obliged in taking shopping with a bit of $$$$ from me so he could pick a few things out. The two of them did a great job!! After opening gifts and a yummy breakfast of cinnamon rolls, D and I headed to my aunts house to finish up family christmas. And finally, we joined Beth's family, as well as another new DAM friend, Aubrey's family, for Christmas dinner. The boys had a blast playing!

D on Christmas morning in his new pjs...

Our loot

Ripping up some paper

D in his new hat...that he loved for about 5

He got this new tunnel that he is already hiding toys in...

And one big candy kabob!

Now its over to my aunts...

D got a camera that he was just enthralled with...

Mommy and one sweet boy

After lunch, he got to go outside and play with the remote control car that we keep over there

Yay off to Miss Beth's house!!! This is D with his little buddy B...


"Miss Granny!!! D took something from me!"

Aubrey and dat sweet baby K

Brudders working together

All the grownups got gag gifts...can you tell what Aubrey's was?

Gah...too much sweetness...nothing like a sleeping baby in your arms to get your baby fever baby fixes!

4 little hot mess boys...they love each other!

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