Saturday, August 25, 2007

Our DFWAM Day In The Life!

Today was our Day In the Life for DFWAM so I thought I'd post it on here too!

This was D at 230am when I went to bed...

And I went in when I heard him stirring early this morning to find this:

There was a CUTE pic of him in his undies riding his rocking horse, but I decided to not post that since this is Let me know if you wanna see it...

D in the car on the way to ToysRUs, I forgot I had a giftcard there so we went to go get his tball helmet!

MMMM Lunch! Cheesy chicken and rice, with broccoli and carrots, pineapple and sliced tomatoes...he ate it ALL!

Showing off the new Tball helmet!!!

Watching a show about Sea Lions on Animal Planet

D knocked OUT for a nap, he said "I tired!" and went right to my bed and went to I didn't wanna chance waking him with the flash so its a cellphone pic.

We went to Mesquite to get some tball stuff from a friend on DFWAM...(Thanks again, Cami!)

D played with bubbles outside over there...ingested a

After a stop at HalfPrice Books, we are back at home, D is helping mommy pick up toys and put them in the hamper in our vehicle

After a mini-melt-down over a lost penny, he's all about his "money", D wants to carry his new equipment bag!

Showing off the new bat and helmet!

Dinner!! Breaded chicken patty (he's showing you how to properly dip it in BBQ sauce!), plus steamed carrots with a touch of brown sugar, and more pineapple

Yeah thats an empty bowl! YUM!

He always has to show off Shamu...

Bathtime for D!

Look at those lashes and eyes!!

7:45PM Night Night World!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Yeah I got here goes...

4 things about me you may not have known:
1. I love ranch dressing, and know which restaurants have the best
2. I love lotion...yes...and lots of it, not in a dirty way
3. My movie tradition, was always an icee and a pickle...its just not right without it...
4. I have a love affair with slurpees...

4 Jobs I've Had:
1. Layaway/Cashier at K-mart
2. Teachers Aide to toddlers through kindergarden
3. Systems Analyst
4. The most important one - MOMMY

4 Movies I can watch over and over again:
1. Anything by Tyler Perry
2. Sweet Home Alabama
3. Under the Tuscan Sun
4. StepMom

4 Favorite TV shows:
1. Girlfriends
2. Scarred
3. Friends
4. Will and Grace

4 Favorite Hobbies:
1. Taking pics of D
2. Editing those pics in PSE
3. Reading romance novels
4. DFWAM (yes its a hobby!)

4 Places I have lived:
1. DeSoto, TX
2. College Station, TX
3. Carrollton, TX
4. Dallas, TX (yeah I like Texas)

4 Favorite Foods:
1. Mexican
2. Italian
3. Ice Cream
4. Salty food, pickles, etc

4 Places I would rather be right now:
1. Sleeping
2. at a movie
3. On the beach
4. in a pool

4 Websites I check daily:
4. Myspace

4 People I tag:
1. Jalissa
2. Ummmmmmm
3. Ummmmmmmmmmm
4. Everyone I know has already been tagged!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Back to School Time

Well, summer is over! D starts back to school tomorrow. He will still be in the PK-2 class til he is fully potty trained, but from what I understand, they are holding a spot in PK-3 for him.

This is D last year on his first day of school, my sweet 2 year old!

And this is D today, my big bad 3 year old!! All ready for school!

Happy Anniversary to me and D!

Yep thats right...a year ago today, I went to the CPS office, signed a messload of papers, got a messload of copies, and BROUGHT D HOME! I remember my caseworker followed me back to my house for our first visit, but D fell asleep on the way home and I didn't have the heart to wake him up, so I laid him in his bed and he got a good nap in. Its been one heck of a year since!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Water fun!

First off, I gotta say...I SIGNED D UP FOR JUNIOR T-BALL!!!!! WOOOTTT! He starts it in September...I can't wait!!!

Okkkk, today was a good day...D and I met another DFWAM mom to do some Mr. Potato Head exchanging, then we headed back to our house to chill. And then we went on a playdate with one of D's All Time Favorite girls. We hit up the Addison fountains and then off to Braums for some icecream. See pics below...I took the last one and Cassidy's mom took the other ones (she ROCKS the photos!) D and Miss Cassidy are SOOO cute together!!! They had some... issues...with sharing toys, but once we took all the toys out of the water, they played pretty well together.
Yeah I dunno why the middle picture is pixelated once I uploaded it... :( oh wellllll...


Well D had his MRI on Tuesday. It went well, see the two pics. D did
great, although he flipped out and looked like he had a seizure when
they sedated him, and then they had to put a tube in his throat to help
him breathe while sedated.

This is him waiting patiently (he really did do great!!!)...

Showing off the numbing cream on his hands under bandages for the IV which didn't really work since he still cried and screamed when they put it in...


The MRI does clearly show that his corpus callosum is missing. I don't
really understand everything else though.

Monday, August 13, 2007

2 Random Pics

The first one is D with one of the new posters I got him...since he
lovesss anything to do with water...

The second pic is D with the little dumbbells I got him to play with.
Pump some IRON! lol

Sunday, August 12, 2007

A weekend in Oklahoma City

We spent the weekend in Oklahoma City visiting my dad and his wife. They have a dog named Molly, she and D had a BLAST with each other. D would get pretty tired of her effusive kisses after awhile, but then he'd be saying "c'mere Mawry, c'mere!!" lol

Most of Saturday morning, D and Molly played outside in the sprinkler with Liz. They had a blast!

We hit up the Oklahoma County Free Fair, where my dad's wife, Liz, had won multiple ribbons for her photographs, in particular, a blue ribbon for this one! She took it at his birthday party back in June...LOVE IT!

The fair was cool. D got his face painted and some balloons.

We went to this new place called Pops.

Its website says this: "Meet POPS -- the newest, coolest landmark along Historic Route 66! Located in Arcadia just a few miles northeast of Oklahoma City, POPS is a one-of-a-kind, must-see destination.

It starts with a 66-foot soda pop bottle that makes POPS an instant icon. At its base is an ultra-modern gas station, restaurant, shake shop, gift shop, convenience store and event venue.

Of course, POPS' #1 signature is just that - soda pop - with a record-breaking selection of more than 400 ice-cold sodas and beverages. Like root beer? POPS has 43 varieties. Or cream soda? Find more than 50 flavors." It was pretty cool.

Then we went to the Omniplex where D was in his own personal heaven of flipping switches and pushing buttons!

My brother Chris at the controls...

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Pics from the fountains and ice cream today

It was a good day! We spent 2 hours at the fountains again and got icecream on the way home where D made a nice little mess all over his face! He stayed dry almost ALL DAY AND went poop in the potty too! He only had an accident about 20 minutes before bedtime. GO D!