Saturday, September 26, 2009


D and I participated in the NOCC 5K, second year in a row. We started it last year to support my friend and fellow DAM mom, Helen, who's sister is a 2 year survivor. We had a great time!

Our 5K group

D and I at the Finish Line

Friday, September 18, 2009

Plano Balloon Festival

D and I wanted some cheap entertainment this evening, so we decided to go watch the balloons at the Plano Balloon Festival. I grabbed us some dinner on the way to get D so we wouldn't be tempted to go IN the festival for it. And I had a voucher for free parking at a church near the field which turned out to be an awesome view! It had been raining today and was fairly windy so they didn't launch the balloons, but they did still have the glow (where they blow up all the hot air balloons and light em up once it gets dark in tune to music). Since we could hear the band from our vantage point, we just hung out in the back of my vehicle. D danced around to the music some and was quite enthralled at the balloons.

D in the back finishing up some dinner

Our view of the balloons

My little poser, D's only complaint was that the "penguin balloon" would not turn around!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Casey's Birthday!

Happy birthday, Casey!! We were invited to celebrate with her and family this evening at Panda's Super Buffet, and then us girls (and D) hit up the movie I Can Do Bad All By Myself. We had such a fun evening!!! Here are some pics from dinner...thanks for letting us join you guys, Casey!

Casey and her MIL


Right after blowing out the candle

The waitresses singing to Casey


What's this??? Casey's gift from Mike, what is it???

A new camera!

Oooohhh pretty!

Monday, September 07, 2009

Highlights of our weekend

Two things I wanted to share pics of from this busy weekend (aside from the mass of lake pictures in the previous post).

On Saturday evening, D and I surprised Beth with a flower from her out of town DH (I had a lot of fun plotting that one), and some Braums ice cream. I really enjoyed (after putting D to bed over there) hanging out with her and Aubrey watching a movie and chatting. This picture is how we did it. I had D sit on her porch with the flower in his lap, and then I texted her to check her porch. lol It was awesome, love ya, Beth!

And then, Labor Day! We slept in today for once, rather than get up and walk. And then Da Crew + 1 and two kids all met up at Red, Hot and Blue for some yummy BBQ! I can NOT believe that my friend will have her BABY in less than 2 weeks!!! I'm so excited for her! D was quite enthralled with touching her belly, it was cute!! So I had to take a pic of it, and yes, this was at Ben and Jerrys. lol

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Labor Day at the Lake

Well, actually, the day before Labor Day. We headed to our family's lake house in East Texas for the day and had a great time!!

Our view from the porch...gorgeous, peaceful, calm...LOVE IT...

D posing on the pier or "the bridge" as he calls it...

D and Mommy on the pier

Weeeee! Playin on the tire swing...

Look who else is here! My aunt, uncle, one cousin and his wife, and then another cousin, his wife and their 2 little girls were there too (one of whom is this darling thing! She's 3 and is just adorable!)

And this is her baby sister! Oh the cuteness!

Let's slide!

D found some toys to play with. He was not completely happy to not be able to get in the water due to the tubes in his ears, but he managed just fine.

My grandma and Baby V...

Before lunch, we settled the kids down to watch Word World on my cousin's laptop. Even my brother joined in the though he's not a kid.

Miss A was on the pillow and as soon as I went to take the shot, she let herself fall backward giggling the whole time.

Wearing her grandpa's hat.

My other cousin giving the kids a lesson on fishing lures...

D and Mommy on the boat with Uncle Chris behind us putting his glasses up

D's not thrilled about the too big life jacket, but he's excited to be on the boat!

Let's drive!!

Cousin L helping D

I *heart* this view...