Friday, September 18, 2009

Plano Balloon Festival

D and I wanted some cheap entertainment this evening, so we decided to go watch the balloons at the Plano Balloon Festival. I grabbed us some dinner on the way to get D so we wouldn't be tempted to go IN the festival for it. And I had a voucher for free parking at a church near the field which turned out to be an awesome view! It had been raining today and was fairly windy so they didn't launch the balloons, but they did still have the glow (where they blow up all the hot air balloons and light em up once it gets dark in tune to music). Since we could hear the band from our vantage point, we just hung out in the back of my vehicle. D danced around to the music some and was quite enthralled at the balloons.

D in the back finishing up some dinner

Our view of the balloons

My little poser, D's only complaint was that the "penguin balloon" would not turn around!

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Abbie said...

That is so cool!