Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Its Super Hero D!

D got his superhero cape and mask in the mail today, soooooo we had to play!

Its a bird, its a plane, no, its SUPER D!!!

Super heroes need love too!

I'm off to save the day, mama!

Preparing for the first leap

Which did not go so well...face plant!!!

Lets try this again!

And he sticks the landing!!!! Go D!

And we're off again!


Monday, April 28, 2008

D's first day of PPCD

So today, D started at his new school! He SOOOOOO wanted to go, I swear, the boy is just way too social. I emailed his teacher towards the end of the day, and she called me. He had a good day! I'm sure he had some minor issues, probably explored the whole classroom and tested a few boundaries, but overall, it was good. I'm just way too excited about this, because he'll be getting the services he NEEDS! And they seem wonderful. In his ARD meeting, his new teacher kept saying "oh lets add this in, and lets add more time of this" while I was describing him, therefore creating more work for herself, and that just astounded me!

Ready to go with his "pack-pack", you can't see, but its Diego...of course...

His new teacher sent me this pic!! *sniff* he looks so grown!

Our weekend and Beth's Bday Party

Well, to start off, we had a crazy busy weekend!!!

On Saturday, we went to a Hersheys Chocolate Bliss playdate at a DAM mom's house. We had a lot of fun, although D got ahold of some lipstick and promptly christened the wall, the carpet, his lips, his shirt, and then threw it over the stair railing...lol thank you LORD it came off the wall and carpet! Other than that, he did pretty good for D...

After that we went to a baby shower for one of his former teachers. She's having a baby GIRL! D did pretty good there too, he played outside half the time.

Ok on SUNDAY, we met up with my aunt for lunch and then went over to my grandma's to give her her birthday card and to let D sing happy bday to her. After that, we headed to Mary Heads Carter park in Carrollton for Chera pics! I'll be posting those here once I get them, I can't wait!!!

Later that evening, my brother came over to babysit, and I headed out with Beth and two other DAM moms for her birthday, although its not til the 2nd. We couldn't stay too long at Dave and Busters since Beth's DH had to go to work, but we had a good time eating there, and then back to her house for cake, a triple chocolate mousse cake.

Here's pics!

The birthday girl

Oooh a hamburger on a stick!

"I'm choking on my noodle!!"

Rachel joined us!!!

Peace out, man...

Beth as a unicorn...looks good, girl...lol

Bad unicorn, bad!

The cake...and uhhh...the...candle...lol

A rare reflective moment

Makes ya wonder where the other one is...or not...

Bow-chicka-wow-wow...stripping the cake...

I'm not sure whats goin on here...

I promise I wasn't drunk...just snapping pics...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A rough two weeks

Its been a rough two weeks for D...

A week and a half ago, he fell backward at home and hit his head hard on the floor. He was a bit disoriented after that, and then had a REALLY bad night. He was awake at 8 and 9 crying and then awake at 11 when I checked on him. Doc said its a mild concussion and to make him take it easy. HAHAHAHA

This past Sunday, we were at my grandma's, and the screens on her screen door had been removed. Well, as you know, D is way impulsive and he was SO ready to go outside, so he goes barreling out, my aunt tryin to slow him down, puts out his hand to push open the screen, and of course theres no screen. He fell through and hit his face on the wood of the door. It looked like someone punched him in the nose!! (See picture at bottom)

Then...on Monday evening, we went to dinner with Beth and family and when we got home, D scraped his finger on a rusty nail on our gate. I figured I'd take him in to get a tetanus shot the next day after work (I had called the Baylor Plano ER and they said you have a 48 hour window). Well it turns out he's up to date on tetanus, BUT by the time I got him from school and to the doc, his finger and half his hand was swollen! So poor baby is on antibiotics now.

Yeah, I'm praying that bad things JUST come in 3's...because this had better be it!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

A day at the zoo!

This morning we hit up the Fort Worth Zoo with another DAM mom! What a blast! D loved all the animals, and he was passed OUT on the way back!


Uhhh, don't eat me, man...

Whatchu lookin at?


Momma, whats that???

Checkin out the wagon

Showin off the lion on his cup

Look, mom! Otters!


Awww so sweet...so scary...

I did it!!! (He was excited that he kept his balance)

Just like this...

Checkin out our arm span...

How long are yours???

On the train on the way back to the front...

Wait...not QUITE crashed...still got that thumb in...

And NOW we're passed out...the thumb couldn't stay in...

An evening at the park

We spent an evening at the park one night this past week. Here's some pics...

Look at little man doin it himself!

You ok, D?

Uhhh you ok Beth?

Silly Brian

Oh look, NOW you posin...

Look at me!

That sweet boy...

Love the hair, Micah!