Monday, April 28, 2008

D's first day of PPCD

So today, D started at his new school! He SOOOOOO wanted to go, I swear, the boy is just way too social. I emailed his teacher towards the end of the day, and she called me. He had a good day! I'm sure he had some minor issues, probably explored the whole classroom and tested a few boundaries, but overall, it was good. I'm just way too excited about this, because he'll be getting the services he NEEDS! And they seem wonderful. In his ARD meeting, his new teacher kept saying "oh lets add this in, and lets add more time of this" while I was describing him, therefore creating more work for herself, and that just astounded me!

Ready to go with his "pack-pack", you can't see, but its Diego...of course...

His new teacher sent me this pic!! *sniff* he looks so grown!

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