Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A rough two weeks

Its been a rough two weeks for D...

A week and a half ago, he fell backward at home and hit his head hard on the floor. He was a bit disoriented after that, and then had a REALLY bad night. He was awake at 8 and 9 crying and then awake at 11 when I checked on him. Doc said its a mild concussion and to make him take it easy. HAHAHAHA

This past Sunday, we were at my grandma's, and the screens on her screen door had been removed. Well, as you know, D is way impulsive and he was SO ready to go outside, so he goes barreling out, my aunt tryin to slow him down, puts out his hand to push open the screen, and of course theres no screen. He fell through and hit his face on the wood of the door. It looked like someone punched him in the nose!! (See picture at bottom)

Then...on Monday evening, we went to dinner with Beth and family and when we got home, D scraped his finger on a rusty nail on our gate. I figured I'd take him in to get a tetanus shot the next day after work (I had called the Baylor Plano ER and they said you have a 48 hour window). Well it turns out he's up to date on tetanus, BUT by the time I got him from school and to the doc, his finger and half his hand was swollen! So poor baby is on antibiotics now.

Yeah, I'm praying that bad things JUST come in 3's...because this had better be it!


Dawn Endres said...

Aw....Man! The boy did have a rough time of it. Poor bubba. *Hugs*

Helen, Luke, & Kasen said...

Poor little man! I hope he has a fun - accident free - weekend to make up for it. :)