Thursday, April 03, 2008

Paint n Party!

After D and I's appointment today, we met up with my friend Beth and her family, to go to Paint N Party, where the kids get to pick out their object, and then...they paint it!

Here's pics!!!

Hmmmm, oh the decisions...

I want this one!

Micah and D waiting patiently

And we're off...yes I know, D chose pink...don't worry, keep looking at pics...

Pick a color, Brian!

Yessssss I'm painting in pink!

Yes, this is green...don't worry, it too shall pass...

Hmmmm how shall I begin my masterpiece?

Thats right, D, work that blue!

Focusing intently...another masterpiece to come!

Yes, I know I'm cute...get over it...

He's not using blue!

My pinks all gone!

Tryin to do a maroon handprint, didn't work out so well...

The finished products...aren't they great!




1 comment:

Dawn Endres said...

Great Job Boys!

Those look so awesome!

Looks like they all had a blast!