Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Could it be true???

For real?? I think...yep, it just might be so...I think...D might be DAY TRAINED! He's not near to being night trained since he sleeps so deep, but I think he's got this daytime thing down! He's been in underwear since before school started, but was having accidents a lot, and I considered him more "parent trained", where he would stay dry as long as you would remind him. He still has accidents at school once a week or so, but I've been testing him a bit more at home. I really try to not ask him if he needs to go and wait til he tells me, and he's been doing a really good job with it!! WOOHOO!!! I'm so excited! He told me he had to go potty twice while at the ER last week and stayed dry the whole time there too. I really think this is it!

AND on Sunday, I had him in a pullup since we were going to my grandma's house for lunch and then to a birthday party where I knew he'd have a hard time staying calm. And he DID wet his pullup while there, but when we got to the car, he was TELLING me that his pullup was wet and that he wanted it off. He's NEVER done that!

*sniff* My little man is growing up...now to go get those stitches taken out tomorrow night, wooooo. :(

Saturday, September 27, 2008

A 5K and the Heard Museum - Dinosaurs!!

Well, first today, D and I got up early and walked in the NOCC 5K with some other DAM mommas. See pics and details here: http://dailybdizzle.blogspot.com

After a yummy protein filled lunch at IHOP, D and I went home for a short nap (only 30 minutes for me! Ugghh...) and then headed to the Heard Museum in Mckinney to see the dinosaurs!

D walking through the GIANT snake!

Playin with dinos in the sandbox

Off to see the Animatronic Dinos!

D was telling this lil girl, "its ok, they won't hurt you!", he's so sweet...*love* Sadly, she told him "I KNOW they won't..." uggh what a way to knock a gentleman down...lol

The trails were tough with the stroller so D walked most of it. Well, ran most of it...lol


Checkin out a little house

Ya think the dinosaur scared him??

Mommy and D with a friendly (???) dino

Another dino startled him...lol

According to D, this one "blew wind on people"...uhhh it was spitting water...lol

That boy looks SO small compared to TRex...wow!

On to the petting zoo...this guy was gobbling UP our food...

And wanted MORE...

Ride em, cowboy!!

Checkin out some flowers right before we left...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

An update and a new pic

D had an ok day today. He did fall asleep at school complaining of some pain :( Poor guy! Tonite I removed the bandages, cleaned it up some, and put a sock on him to wear to bed so he doesn't try to scratch it in the night. Here's a pic of the finished result c/o our friendly ER stitcher.

My poor guy!!! *warning: graphic pic*

We get home from school and work this evening, D opens the screen door (his routine, he loves to be a "helper") so that I could unlock the back door, and immediately he starts screaming. Apparently he didn't move his foot out of the way fast enough and the bottom of it caught him. :( I rushed him inside to clean it up, but took one look at it, and headed out the door. We tried this little clinic first near here, but the doc is on vacation, so we headed up to Plano Medical Center.

He gashed his ankle and it was worrying me because I saw white underneath and it wasn't bleeding THAT much, not gushing or anything, but the skin was definitely torn apart and some of it was hanging as you can see.

Anyway, we were there from 6:30pm to 11pm...egads...but in the end, he came home with 6 stitches and a popsicle in his tummy for his efforts in fighting and screaming when they were sticking a needle in his ankle...heh...

He is happily passed out in the bed...I don't have a pic of the stitches but here's a purty pic of the original wound...and one of D being silly with some stickers they gave him in the ER room.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Plano Balloon Festival

This evening we hit up the opening night of the Plano Balloon Festival. D had such a blast looking at the balloons going up "way up in da sky!" We ate a little bit there but not much. I had pizza and he had about 1/4th of a corndog before he chunked it...lol What fun though!

We barely got there in time to see the skydivers, and almost missed them.

Can't take his eyes off the balloons

LOTS of balloons!

There they go!

The Zoo balloon

"da buffalo!!!"

Not sure WHAT this thing was, but D so wanted to hug it...

Its time for the glow!

One happy little boy

He got to go down one of the big bounce house slides

D got to be a Marine for a minute! lol They were so nice, they really only were letting age 14+ do this, but he so badly wanted to!!! They obliged...how sweet!

Monday, September 15, 2008

A day with his little cousin...

Due to Hurricane Ike, my H-town family is up in Dallas, so yesterday we got to see them, including baby A, my cousin's baby. She'll be 2 in October and is THE cutest thing! I had no idea they'd be there so I didn't bring my camera but here are two pics from my camera phone, excuse the bad quality please!

YaY Wagon time...

Cousin Grant gives D a ride once baby A decided she was done with it...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

A rainy day courtesy of Ike

First of all, I just wanted to say thank goodness Hurricane Ike has finished its trek through Houston and Galveston. I'm praying for those soon to be affected by the remnants of it, but I'm very thankful that my family in Houston is safe and sound. There are many that were badly affected and I pray for them as well.

It turned into a rainy, windy day here, and D and I aren't the fondest of being cooped up in the house all day, so...we headed outside to play for abit this evening.

Obviously, D loved it...

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Because of his love of Diego

I don't tend to do a lot of cooking. And admittedly, these were EASY muffins to make anyway, but still. I don't usually put forth the effort. However, I saw some Diego baking cups, and knew that I needed to make these for my sweet boy. SO...I bring you, a messload of muffins, in 3 different varieties. Blueberry, chocolate chip, and banana nut. My house smells HEAVENLY right now but due to the diet, I'm not having one til tomorrow at my grandma's when we ALL have one.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Happy Labor Day!

Today we had another miniadventure. We took the train and a bus to the Addison Fountains for a picnic lunch and some play time.

The kids are ready to go...

And the water fun begins...

Poor Brian, he crashed out before we got there...

Beth showing off that new body

Havin fun, D?

Takin a quick run through the water

Brian's awake!

D showing off his mad jumping skills

Casey and Michael joined us!

Beth playing with the boys

A water action shot

Proof that I WAS there...

D was giving us a lecture about...well I dunno...

A quick snack

Brian wondering where to go next

That sweet boy

Follow the leader!

Michael getting blasted

Z and his mommy joined us too!

D being silly while Beth looks on

Ok WHAT is it with boys and these fountains???

D's teasing Casey...

She's teasing him back...

Love this pic, but what you can't tell, is that he's hugging her booty...LOL

I think Micah got sprayed in the eyes here...

Whatcha up to, D?

Enema, anyone? lol

"Ahhhhh, Casey's gonna get me!!!"

Michael SOOOO wants to go get his DS...may it rest in peace...

Just hangin around...