Saturday, September 27, 2008

A 5K and the Heard Museum - Dinosaurs!!

Well, first today, D and I got up early and walked in the NOCC 5K with some other DAM mommas. See pics and details here:

After a yummy protein filled lunch at IHOP, D and I went home for a short nap (only 30 minutes for me! Ugghh...) and then headed to the Heard Museum in Mckinney to see the dinosaurs!

D walking through the GIANT snake!

Playin with dinos in the sandbox

Off to see the Animatronic Dinos!

D was telling this lil girl, "its ok, they won't hurt you!", he's so sweet...*love* Sadly, she told him "I KNOW they won't..." uggh what a way to knock a gentleman

The trails were tough with the stroller so D walked most of it. Well, ran most of


Checkin out a little house

Ya think the dinosaur scared him??

Mommy and D with a friendly (???) dino

Another dino startled

According to D, this one "blew wind on people"...uhhh it was spitting

That boy looks SO small compared to!

On to the petting zoo...this guy was gobbling UP our food...

And wanted MORE...

Ride em, cowboy!!

Checkin out some flowers right before we left...

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Melanie said...

That museum looks really cool, I think I get in there with my science place membership I might have to check it out.