Saturday, March 29, 2008

Shaving cream fun

D had two little buddies over this evening to play for awhile, and I let the boys play with shaving cream at the table. Its selfcleaning! lol Anyway, yeah, D had a good time getting it Poor guy, right after this pic, he started hollering about it being in his
eyes...a good scrub down came shortly thereafter.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

We've moved on from a D

D wrote this all by himself last night with no prompting from me! We've FINALLY moved on from writing D' Please excuse the shadow of my cellphone...

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! The Lord is risen!!!

We keep it pretty low-key here. I don't do an easter basket for D, or anything super special, but we do talk about the resurrection and life of Jesus. He also had an easter egg hunt at school on friday and we did Spring Fest yesterday.

Today we went over to my grandma's for lunch. My cousin and his wife came over too, so we ended up at the park afterward to play Bocce. My brother and I were WAY ahead til the last minute when they made a startling comeback and beat us...BLAH.

This morning, after a light breakfast, D told me he had to go poop (we're stilllll potty training since he regressed late last year.) and he's showing off his candy from having told me and going.

Silly uncle Chris playin on the slide

That cute boy!

He jumped off the edge, so proud of himself!

My cousin asking him if he's gonna

Debating jumping again...that was a high part of the wall!

The Bocce balls

Getting ready

D looking on as one of us throws...he's holding the ball for me

What a good throw!

D and uncle Chris cheering me

Way to go, Erin!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spring Fest!

My church hosted Spring Fest today so of course...we went! D had a blast...only problem was, it was from 12-3 with an egg hunt at 2:30. We got there right at 12, and D was exhausted by 1:30. But, he did everything except the egg hunt, so it was all good!

That bunny looks kinda

Bounce house fun!

I see you!

That was a tough hill to climb...

Yeah, see?

He got to ride the train!

A quick water break...(they had a ChickFila booth there too, which we ate first)

More sliding fun

A quick popcorn break

And this is D passed out on the couch as soon as we got poor baby, he was wore OUT!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I got a stye on my eye!

Yup, its true. Monday evening, my eye socket was just hurting to the
touch. And earllllllllllly tuesday morning, I woke up to find my eyelid
all puffy and red. I was scared it was gonna be pinkeye, but during the
day on Tuesday, I found the head of it. Its right in the corner of my
eye so it hurts to blink right now. But I've been putting hot
compresses on it and hopefully it will be gone soon.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Its Silver Ribbon Week

This week (March 10th - 16th) is Silver Ribbon Week in honor of brain disorders and disabilities and our need to educate ourselves as well as others. Below you will find more information about the Silver Ribbon Coalition (their website), as well as NODCC website, University of Maine as well as others.

Awareness is the only way we can encourage funding, knowledge and understanding of others, as well as educational opportunities; please take this week seriously because brain disorders/disabilities are serious and common and this week is to help others recognize their importance as well as the importance of our loved ones! THANK YOU!!


Worldwide, hundreds of millions of individuals and their families are impacted by the consequences of brain disorders and related disabilities.

The Silver Ribbon Coalition represents the combined interests of all those who are affected by a brain disorder or disability. To date, the Coalition is represented by advocates for and individuals with anxiety disorders, autism, brain cancer, brain injuries, depressive disorders, mental health, myelin disorders, Parkinson's disease, OCD, psychotic disorders, and rare birth defects. Ultimately, the Silver Ribbon Coalition will be represented by advocates for individuals with all
types of brain disorders and disabilities.

The Silver Ribbon Campaign for the Brain promotes public awareness of the need for emotional, social, governmental, and research support of these individuals. Increasing public awareness will decrease stigma and increase support to result in improved treatment and eventual cures for
those affected. <> <>



<> <>

<> <>

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Outside play and bathtime!

D and I spent some time outside this afternoon in our backyard. I had gotten him a new pinwheel and he LOVED it...

Then we tried his Diego skates and ummm yeah that didn't work so

Finally we came in for bathtime.

My cousin Kate's wedding

So yesterday, March 8th, was my cousin Kate's wedding. She married a young man named Eric, whom she met in Colorado Springs. Her dress was BEAUTIFUL!

Here's pics...

My 3 aunts

My brother and cousin

My cousin and I

My aunt and uncle, stepcousin and her husband

My brother and I


My uncle and his grandbaby

My grandma and I

Cutting the cake, YES the photog got in the way of ME...go

Cutting the grooms cake...LOVE this shot!

The cake

My uncle and brother

The table centerpieces were these big bowls with a fish in each one

Me and the bride and groom

My cousin, his wife, and their sweet baby

My uncle and great uncle...dunno WHAT they were laughing about