Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Its Silver Ribbon Week

This week (March 10th - 16th) is Silver Ribbon Week in honor of brain disorders and disabilities and our need to educate ourselves as well as others. Below you will find more information about the Silver Ribbon Coalition (their website), as well as NODCC website, University of Maine as well as others.

Awareness is the only way we can encourage funding, knowledge and understanding of others, as well as educational opportunities; please take this week seriously because brain disorders/disabilities are serious and common and this week is to help others recognize their importance as well as the importance of our loved ones! THANK YOU!!


Worldwide, hundreds of millions of individuals and their families are impacted by the consequences of brain disorders and related disabilities.

The Silver Ribbon Coalition represents the combined interests of all those who are affected by a brain disorder or disability. To date, the Coalition is represented by advocates for and individuals with anxiety disorders, autism, brain cancer, brain injuries, depressive disorders, mental health, myelin disorders, Parkinson's disease, OCD, psychotic disorders, and rare birth defects. Ultimately, the Silver Ribbon Coalition will be represented by advocates for individuals with all
types of brain disorders and disabilities.

The Silver Ribbon Campaign for the Brain promotes public awareness of the need for emotional, social, governmental, and research support of these individuals. Increasing public awareness will decrease stigma and increase support to result in improved treatment and eventual cures for
those affected.

http://www.silverribbon.org/ <http://www.silverribbon.org/>

http://www.nodcc.org/ <http://www.nodcc.org/>







http://www.epilepsyfoundation.org/ <http://www.epilepsyfoundation.org/>



http://www.adhd.com/index.jsp <http://www.adhd.com/index.jsp>

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