Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Our UNHalloween Pics

We don't actually do halloween BUT D had this costume from last year's dance party at his old school, and I just couldn't resist getting it out and getting some pics of him, since for some reason, I got NO pics of it last year!!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Our "beary" fun Sunday

We had a really good Sunday! Ate lunch at my grandma's and after a LONG drive to Rockwall and beyond, met up with our friends Beth, her DH and those beautiful boys of theirs at Firewheel Mall...we played on the playground and then took the boys to Build A Bear to get matching bears (though their outfits were not matching). Oddly enough, both D and Micah were wearing almost matching shirts...totally unplanned!

D was going "where's Micah??"

Rubbing the hearts to get em warm

D tryin to pick out an outfit

Its a fireman!!! We named him Charlie (short for Charcoal)

Look at these two best buddies!

Awwwwww...big goodbye hugs!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

2007 Flowermound Pumpkin Patch

Today we joined our friends Beth and Shane, and their boys Micah and Brian at the Flowermound Pumpkin Patch...this place was AWESOME!

Proof that D DOES get sugar! Its a white coconut sno-cone!!

D and Micah in awe of Batman!

D driving with Micah as his navigator!

Sooo this is what happens...

This is what happens when you are tryin to sleep in on a saturday...and your kid finds a pair of kneehighs that you left on the floor after a friends wedding... He had woken up, went potty, pulled his pullup BACK up and came into my room to chill on his blanket and pillow that I keep in there for him...without waking me up...(hence why he's in a pullup (a DRY one though!!! GO D!)) When I saw him, I kept tryin to figure out what was around his knees, until it dawned on

Friday, October 26, 2007

D and Miss Cassidy

This was taken on Tuesday evening when we did dinner at Cicis with D's friend Cassidy and her mommy and daddy. Her mommy did D's pics last Friday, and took this one too...she's BRILLIANT with a camera, you guys!!!

D's new school

Well D started his new school this morning. Today isn't technically his first day...its what they consider an evaluation day. He'll get a developmental assessment and they'll see how he transitions, etc, to get a feel for which teacher will work best for him on Monday, but he does
stay there a full day as if it was his first day.

He did pretty good separating. It was harder on me than on him! Though he did look kinda uncertain, he did go with one of the teachers there just like a big, brave boy!

I'm so nervous!!! He DID have a GREAT two weeks at his old school, which I was really happy about (I won't go into detail as to why he's switching schools, but I will say it is not by my choice). Thanks "Miss Micole" for helping him have such a great last two weeks!!

Yesterday was his last day at his old school, and the two PK2 teachers made a poster for him with some of the kids handprints and it says "Hands Down, D is the BEST!" They got me all choked up with that! D wanted it up on the wall in our living room, so its right up over the
couch...funny kid...

I've got some pics I need to post tonite once I get em off my camera...y'all have a great weekend! We're going to the pumpkin patch in Flowermound on Saturday and a bday party on Sunday so it should be BUSY!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

DAM's 5th Anniv. Picnic!

Here are my pics from the DAM 5th Anniversary Picnic! Since this is more public, I won't post names...

Friday, October 19, 2007

First day of anti-seizure meds

Need I say more? lol its the drunk D!

D's neuro appt update

We had our neuro visit last Monday at Childrens with Dr Zinser.
I was actually pretty impressed, we didn't have to wait a long time, and Dr Zinser treated me with a good amount of respect, and didn't talk down to me...which I

So anyway...they did testing on D (there was a student in there too which really helped since D has NO tolerance for having to wait while mommy talks to the doc...LOL).

The doc said that really the Agenesis stuff isn't what is causing the main problems in D's case. He said its the heterotopia which is like where part of the gray matter didn't form in the right spot so its whats causing the seizure activity. He said in a lot of cases, they just go in and remove those surgically, since they aren't doing him any good, but since D's is fairly large, he is going to put him on anti-seizure meds to see if that helps him at all. And we go back in 4 months to get re-evaluated.

He did say straight out that D will prolly never be on par with other kids (fwiw, I LOVED that he was very straight forward), BUT he said he'll prolly be at about 85-90%. So that was actually reassuring to

All in all, obviously I was kinda freaked about surgery, but we'll take that as it comes, but overall I feel pretty upbeat about everything. The seizure meds might even calm him some, wowwww??? LOL I just don't want him becoming lethargic but the doc said there aren't any major side effects (won't affect his sleeping or eating, etc). He just might be a little extra sleepy for a couple of weeks (which might be a good thing at The med he's being put on is Trileptal.

Thats about it, D had bloodwork done too...and y'all...this kid is SO my child. He freaked when she put the needle in, but as SOON as she showed him the blood filling up the tube, he was fascinated. Thats exactly how I am. lol

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Uh oh!

I promise, I didn't disappear!!! D broke my camera! Soooooo I've been having to do without! Its been so

BUT good news, I have a new camera now, so start preparing for cute pics again!!

I'll start a new post here in a minute about our neurologist visit...

Hope you guys are having a great month! Ours has been pretty sucky so far, but its getting better...we could really use your prayers though!