Friday, October 26, 2007

D's new school

Well D started his new school this morning. Today isn't technically his first day...its what they consider an evaluation day. He'll get a developmental assessment and they'll see how he transitions, etc, to get a feel for which teacher will work best for him on Monday, but he does
stay there a full day as if it was his first day.

He did pretty good separating. It was harder on me than on him! Though he did look kinda uncertain, he did go with one of the teachers there just like a big, brave boy!

I'm so nervous!!! He DID have a GREAT two weeks at his old school, which I was really happy about (I won't go into detail as to why he's switching schools, but I will say it is not by my choice). Thanks "Miss Micole" for helping him have such a great last two weeks!!

Yesterday was his last day at his old school, and the two PK2 teachers made a poster for him with some of the kids handprints and it says "Hands Down, D is the BEST!" They got me all choked up with that! D wanted it up on the wall in our living room, so its right up over the
couch...funny kid...

I've got some pics I need to post tonite once I get em off my camera...y'all have a great weekend! We're going to the pumpkin patch in Flowermound on Saturday and a bday party on Sunday so it should be BUSY!

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