Saturday, December 27, 2008

D's big Christmas gift

I do believe he likes it!!! And I'd like it duly noted that the manual said it takes two people to lace the dang thing, but I did it ALL BY MYSELF. WOOHOO!!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!! D and I had a fun-filled day. We started the day off with him waking up to put on his new jammies!! Then we headed to my aunts house for presents and a yummy brunch of sausage casserole and sweet rolls, where we all stuffed ourselves. Mmmmmm. Even D, who is usually too excited at events like this to eat much, scarfed down some serious grub!

After some present fun, D played a bit and then we headed home. Yeah, D fell asleep on the way and another 2 hours at home!!! I was quite happy about that because I got to set up my new...Wii!!! Woohoo!!! After he woke up and we played with his new toys a bit, we joined our friends Miss Beth and her family for a delicious dinner at Humperdinks. They had a Christmas Feast going, and kids 5 and under got a HUGE plate of food for FREE! Turkey, dressing, mashed tatoes, ALL of that, PLUS pumpkin pie! I think D thought he had gone to Heaven today. Then we hung out at Beths house afterward (well, D slept on the couch) for some girl time. It was a really great Christmas, especially not having to be just the two of us this evening. Thanks for the invite, Beth!

Here's pics of our day...

D and his new foldout sofa

Posin with his new puppy (who he is convinced is a BEAR, not a puppy)

More loot

Awwww, D happily obliging to give Grandma kisses

These 4 animals were quite a hit with D! Although it pissed him off that the zebra would not stand up

D got a bike! Uhhh D? That thing goes outside...

There ya go, much better...except he's stuck in the alley. We discovered that alleyways and training wheels do NOT mix, D took two tumbles off the bike and decided he was through with it for the day.

This set of aquatic animals was probably the hit of the day...

Oh no! Uncle Chris got him with a shark!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve 2008

Christmas Eve was at my aunts in Arlington this year. D had a great time playing outside, we ate some yummy food, and then my cousins, brother, and I headed to the park before there was present opening. The majority of our presents are opened on Christmas Morning, but D LOVED the sticker book that he got. I think we all ended up with stickers on us.

When I picked D up from daycare, they had made Gingerbread Houses.

D gets nabbed by Uncle Chris outside at my aunts

Showing off the hole in the

Such a cute boy...

"Gotcha, D!" - Eric and D play Catch Me if You Can

A family picture...

A smaller family picture

We went down to a park by the lake for some more outdoor time.

And some swinging fun...

Some of the cousins played Bocce. (spelling?)

D had to tackle Josh to wake him up for present time.

The loot

Erin and Lance

My bro, Chris, and Jonathan

Kate and Eric

My aunts, Donna and Carol


Kyle and Kristy open more stuff while their dog looks on from outside

My uncle Mike, and no I don't think thats his Juicy bag.

D's new sticker book was a BIG hit

He didn't quite "get" the bowling, they ended up using those to beat on each other...good times...

After we get home, D always gets to open up his new jammies for Christmas morning. Its Mickey pjs!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

D and Chester

D's teacher sent me these pics of him holding their class pet, which is a leopard gecko, named Chester. D betta not even THINK about bringing anything like that into our But the pics are still way cute!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Humpty Dumpty sat on a...well you know...

Today, D's school had a winter party and the theme was Nursery Rhymes. Well, since D DOES fall off things alot, and he was also singing this song endlessly for a week, I decided to try and make him Humpty Dumpty! Or as he says it, "Humpty Humpty".

He was so proud of it! I used black electrical tape to make the crack, and I think he's the cutest HD EVER. He was only lacking suspenders but I just couldn't find any in time.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The trains at Northpark

This evening, we did a very cool event! We hit up the trains at Northpark with our friends Beth, Shane, and their two boys. So D had an excuse to wear his new train shirt, he was quite excited...and while there we took the opportunity to take some scenic pics. Enjoy!

Monday, December 08, 2008

D and Santa 2008

I feel like such a This is our favorite Santa, so we followed him to Allen this year, he used to be at Stonebriar. We had a fun time out there! There were reindeer so D got to pet one.

And gosh he looks so grown here! Last year's pic, he looked grown too, but you could still see a bit of the baby in his face, but now...*sniff* its nowhere to be found!

Friday, December 05, 2008

A Christmas craft...

D and I decided to sit down and play with some Christmas foam stickers I got tonite. He had a great time peeling off the back and sticking them, kept us busy for about 30 minutes...oh yeah and we gotta bit silly with it towards the end.

Lots of stickers!

D's last creation

I thought it was neat he actually got a D on this one.

I made these two with him...

Now we're gettin silly...

And more...

Ok time to shut this show down...