Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve 2008

Christmas Eve was at my aunts in Arlington this year. D had a great time playing outside, we ate some yummy food, and then my cousins, brother, and I headed to the park before there was present opening. The majority of our presents are opened on Christmas Morning, but D LOVED the sticker book that he got. I think we all ended up with stickers on us.

When I picked D up from daycare, they had made Gingerbread Houses.

D gets nabbed by Uncle Chris outside at my aunts

Showing off the hole in the

Such a cute boy...

"Gotcha, D!" - Eric and D play Catch Me if You Can

A family picture...

A smaller family picture

We went down to a park by the lake for some more outdoor time.

And some swinging fun...

Some of the cousins played Bocce. (spelling?)

D had to tackle Josh to wake him up for present time.

The loot

Erin and Lance

My bro, Chris, and Jonathan

Kate and Eric

My aunts, Donna and Carol


Kyle and Kristy open more stuff while their dog looks on from outside

My uncle Mike, and no I don't think thats his Juicy bag.

D's new sticker book was a BIG hit

He didn't quite "get" the bowling, they ended up using those to beat on each other...good times...

After we get home, D always gets to open up his new jammies for Christmas morning. Its Mickey pjs!!!

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