Monday, December 31, 2007

Last blog of 2007

This one has no pictures but I felt it important to post. As I look back upon 2007 and alllllllll that happened, I can only be thankful to God that He pulled us all through, even if it was kicking and screaming.

2007 started off in Oklahoma, where we spent last new years with my dad and his wife. It then hit a high and a low point. On February 23rd, D and I finalized the adoption. And the next day on February 24th, my grandad passed away after a long battle with Alzheimers. Best and worst
weekend of the whole year.

The rest of the year had its ups and downs, D started a new school, we made some new friends, and overall right now we are doing pretty good. We're house hunting for lease houses, getting ready to move to East Plano, so it looks like 2008 is going to be just as eventful, although hopefully, just good events!!

I just want to say to all of our friends and family, we love you guys, and appreciate all of you who have taken this roller coaster ride with us. To all you haters, STEP OFF, we don't need negativity in our life! And those who have been there from day are our rock. And
finally, to our Lord God and savior, we couldn't have done it without YOU.

Happy New Year!!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Day 2007

Merry Christmas to all!! We had a great day! Spent the midmorning/earlyafternoon at my aunts house. Devoured some yummy breakfast sausage casserole. D got a remote control ferrari from my aunt, so we spent most of the time after lunch outside, him chasing hilarious! We came home and then went to meet the daughter of a chick on DAM to get some gifts. They know a guy who wanted to adopt a family for Christmas and chose us! We got GREAT stuff!!! Thanks again!!

Here's pics from our day!

A quick sip of juice before presents and showing off the new jammies!

First bit of candy out of the stocking

Diggin HARD for more stuff!

Rip it, D!

My grandma

D and Uncle Chris

Tryna catch the remote control Ferrari

Stillllll tryna catch it



Mean uncle Chris at the controls...and my mom showed up...

Uhoh D's got the remote control now! That poor car...

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve 2007

Merry Christmas Eve!!! lol We're waiting to go to church at 7 so I thought I'd upload today's pics...

We went to my cousin Holly's house for the big family Christmas Eve...and then back home where I let D open his new jammies and blanket for tonite...

D made out like a BANDIT!!!

Here's pics...

Aunt Donna and D

D lookin GQ

My cousin and aunt

The feast...and my aunt lookin crazy

D's saying "I was good this year, God!"

My crazy cousin looking like a garden gnome

My grandma opening gifts

Uncle, aunt, and cousins behind them

The garden gnome passing out gifts

Why does my aunt make silly faces?

My other aunt opening up a gift

Garden gnome and my aunt...

My uncle looking serious

Uncle and cousin...waiting patiently

Whatcha got there, D?

Hmmm whats this?

A guitar!!

Uncle, cousin, her DH, and aunt

OMG a guitar!!!

Garden gnome helping D with the guitar

Awwww, my cousin, two aunts, brother, D and I

My cousin and I

D and my cousin singing

D's new apron

Opening his new blankie!

Whats this one?

New jammies!!!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Our weekend

Just a couple pics from our weekend...

After going to view a house on Friday evening, we met up with friends for dinner and D was being soooooo's a pic of that:

Then on saturday...I accidently slammed my hand into my chest of drawers...immediately my middle finger swelled up...and now its all kinds of pretty colors...

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Our surprise visit to Missouri!

So...this weekend, we went to Missouri to surprise my friend for her birthday! It went off without a hitch, she had NO idea! We got up there Friday evening and spent the night at a hotel, then got to her mom's house early saturday and about 30 minutes later she got there to pick up her daughter. I let D answer the door. lol She was like "I know that face...but whats it doing HERE?"

We had fun! Took the kids to Incredible Pizza to play. And then back to her house for a short nap, and then hung out the rest of the day. Then we went over Sunday morning for breakfast before heading back south again. I felt like we were racing the ice storm that was coming into Oklahoma and Missouri. We kinda were since we did see SOME ice, but it wasn't bad. I took a different route to avoid the majority of it. I'm glad we left when we did though, I do NOT like driving on ice...well, who does? lol Anywho...they got to meet D for the first time, and he showed his good, and not so good, sides. I'm so pumped that it worked out!!!!

Here's pics...

On the way to Incredible Pizza...

lol he was so tired already...

so cute, holding hands...

this is where we went

I LOVED that this area had only one entrance...and it was separate from the "pay" games like skeeball and bowling, so the kids were confined...(thats D's booty you see goin into the

Aren't they too stinkin cute???

What a ham!

Lookin kinda confused...he was tryna put a penny in the slider...

lol gotta love the tires on this truck

Dogs at D's

Fog comin in

More fog a comin

And now I can't see the And on a bridge...wooooooo

Thats better, it cleared up some...the fog was CRAZYYYYYYYYY