Sunday, December 09, 2007

Our surprise visit to Missouri!

So...this weekend, we went to Missouri to surprise my friend for her birthday! It went off without a hitch, she had NO idea! We got up there Friday evening and spent the night at a hotel, then got to her mom's house early saturday and about 30 minutes later she got there to pick up her daughter. I let D answer the door. lol She was like "I know that face...but whats it doing HERE?"

We had fun! Took the kids to Incredible Pizza to play. And then back to her house for a short nap, and then hung out the rest of the day. Then we went over Sunday morning for breakfast before heading back south again. I felt like we were racing the ice storm that was coming into Oklahoma and Missouri. We kinda were since we did see SOME ice, but it wasn't bad. I took a different route to avoid the majority of it. I'm glad we left when we did though, I do NOT like driving on ice...well, who does? lol Anywho...they got to meet D for the first time, and he showed his good, and not so good, sides. I'm so pumped that it worked out!!!!

Here's pics...

On the way to Incredible Pizza...

lol he was so tired already...

so cute, holding hands...

this is where we went

I LOVED that this area had only one entrance...and it was separate from the "pay" games like skeeball and bowling, so the kids were confined...(thats D's booty you see goin into the

Aren't they too stinkin cute???

What a ham!

Lookin kinda confused...he was tryna put a penny in the slider...

lol gotta love the tires on this truck

Dogs at D's

Fog comin in

More fog a comin

And now I can't see the And on a bridge...wooooooo

Thats better, it cleared up some...the fog was CRAZYYYYYYYYY

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Dawn Endres said...

What a fun weekend! Whoa! Now that's some fog!