Friday, October 31, 2008

A Fall Festival night

Well, since D and I don't do Halloween but we did wanna go do something fun this evening, we decided to hit up a fall festival with our friends Beth and her brood. D's shirt says "Mommy's Little Monster" LOL its SO true! The boys had a great time playing games and getting LOTS of candy!

Our boys!

The cutest 4 year olds ever...nuff said...

Bean bag toss into a whales mouth...D ROCKED this game!! Great arm, D!

Stick the nose on the scarecrow!

Hehe, D had to be very precise about his...

B didn't wanna do it...:(

D's showing off his first piece of candy I gave him (he only got two to eat tonite)...

Bubble wrap popping!! (And look at Beth's skinny legs on the left there in the background!)

Gone fishin...

A bit of ring toss...D did great with that one too!

M tossing toilet paper into the the kids thought that was a trip! Hope they don't try that at home!

Lets golf!

M had it down...

Shane and B got a hole in one!!!

Pumpkin bowling...STRIKE!!!

Time for souvenir pics...

And of course...Mommy and D...

Monday, October 27, 2008


I'm a slacker for not taking a cellphone pic, but D and I came across a coyote yesterday, and I had to share. We were nearing the end of a walk by my grandma's house, and as we were passing by the park nearby, D decided he had to go potty. Well, we weren't quite close enough to the house to risk it, and we were passing the wooded area of the park, so I took him to a tree by it. As D is about to go pee, I look up and theres a coyote staring right at us. Yeah D didn't get to potty, I yanked his pants up so fast and sent him off back to my aunt and bro (who had his stroller) while I slowlyyyyyyy backed away from that. Eek...never been that close to one before! I SO wish I'd gotten a picture of that though, oh well.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Painting pumpkins

Tonite I let D paint the pumpkins that he's gotten from the pumpkin patches he has visited. He had a blast and actually stayed pretty clean, although those poor pumpkins are just a mass of paint! After he was done, he decided to put them in our front yard so everyone can

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Flowermound Pumpkin Patch 2008

Today we hit up the Flowermound Pumpkin Patch with our friends Beth and her boys. We had a really great time! The boys got to get into all kinds of things, check it out!

Its Mater!!!


Our first couple tries, it was hard to get M to look at the camera, he loosened up a bit in a few...keep looking...

A pumpkin!

I just love his cheeeeeese grin!

Is that heavy, M?

Yummy lunch!

Mmmmm (don't let em fool ya, they didn't eat

Me and D, not the greatest pic but its proof I was there!

Lookin for the donkey that was in there somewhere

Both D and M went through the maze and made it out the other end!

Bounce houses!!

And a big bounce slide!

Its time for a hayride behind a tractor. And look, there's Beth and B...

Them silly boys...

Big hugs!

lol I didn't intend to cut off D's face, but that hayride was BUMPY...

One sleepy boy...

Time for the monkeybars before we go get snowcones...

Mmmmmm...pina colada!

And strawberry for the others!

Hehehe D's snowcone drunk

Its off to the pumpkins...

Gosh, thats one handsome boy!!

D's got his ready to go!! We'll decorate em one night this week...