Sunday, June 28, 2009

Celebrate Freedom 2009

It was quite a long day for D and I! We were up at 5am to be walking at 6am. He got a bit of a nap and then we hit up Celebrate Freedom this evening for some fun, music, and food! It was so freakin hot out there but we had a great time! The line up was AWESOME. We got to see Newsboys, Mark Shultz, Kirk Franklin, and Jeremy Camp! A bunch of favorites, all in one couldn't have gotten any better.

First up, bounce houses!

Me and my boy
Our friends, Stacy and her kiddos
Bout to try out some golf...
The kids loved the petting zoo
I don't wanna make a "crack" about two "@$$es", and the picture really speaks for I won'
"MOM, REALLY? An umbrella in my hair? Can I not down my snocone in peace??"
The closest thing to "drank" you can get at Celebrate Freedom...a margarita flavored sno cone!
Silly boy
Abit later, we met up with Beth and her family to finish out the evening with all the great music and worship. I had contemplated not going for quite a few reasons, and was really glad I did. It was def an experience I really needed.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Chera Sneak Peek!!

The awesome Chera has done it again! We had a photo session on D's birthday and here's the sneak peek! The super cute beanie is courtesy of Beanies By Stacie.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

D's birthday weekend!

Happy happy birthday to my sweet boy! He turned 5 years old and has the attitude to match it! HAH! We had one crazy busy weekend, but it was awesome. We surprised my dad with a trip to OKC for Fathers Day, spent the day hanging out at their house on Saturday. Then this morning we got up and walked 5 miles for our training (thanks for joining us, Liz!), then headed home after a YUMMY breakfast. D had Chera pics this evening, and then we hit up Magic Time Machine for a 2.5 hour dinner. D has absolutely just been in HEAVEN this weekend. Here's pics!

June 20, 2009 - Saturday

Filling up the pool that Liz got him at Grandpa's house

Splash down with a little help from Grandpa!

More help from Uncle Chris!

Tryin his hardest to get in the hammock, he only flipped it once or

Whew, made it!

He and Molly are runnin buddies...

Showin off

D, along with Liz and his aunt Stefanie made cupcakes!

He was so proud...

3 Generations (my bro, D, and my dad)

June 21st, 2009 - Sunday - D's birthday!

An evening at Magic Time Machine!

Both kiddos got "Magic Potions"

Watching the magician

D was enthralled with our waitress, Tinkerbell, he kept calling her name!

She SO wanted this picture!!

And of course, she gets to hold Baby C!

Silly kids...

Blow that candle out, baby! (D was very concerned about the chocolate, he thinks it will make him sick (LOL its supposed to be limited on his meds, and I don't correct him), but I told him it can't make you sick on your birthday, and let him eat it tonite

Friday, June 19, 2009

D's Birthday Pool Party!

Tonite we hit up Jack Carter pool for some fun times with some great friends to celebrate D's birthday, which is in *gasp* two days!! Thanks ladies for coming!!

D is ready to PARTY

Workin it out

Hi Giovanna!

A quick drink break

Little man E

The most AWESOME cake that Beth made!!

A sneak attack...

Silly boy

M is off and runnin...

Look at that sweet boy!!!

D was so excited that his TEEDY made it!

Splish Splash

Splashin around with B

I think she had an owie, hence the sad face :(

B in a speedo

Yummmy grapes!

She's so gorgeous!

This little man did NOT want me getting his pic! HAHAHA I caught him though!

Waitin on the cake!

Sleepy boy watchin Miss Beth light the candle...

Andddddddddd blowing it outttttttttt...