Friday, June 19, 2009

D's Birthday Pool Party!

Tonite we hit up Jack Carter pool for some fun times with some great friends to celebrate D's birthday, which is in *gasp* two days!! Thanks ladies for coming!!

D is ready to PARTY

Workin it out

Hi Giovanna!

A quick drink break

Little man E

The most AWESOME cake that Beth made!!

A sneak attack...

Silly boy

M is off and runnin...

Look at that sweet boy!!!

D was so excited that his TEEDY made it!

Splish Splash

Splashin around with B

I think she had an owie, hence the sad face :(

B in a speedo

Yummmy grapes!

She's so gorgeous!

This little man did NOT want me getting his pic! HAHAHA I caught him though!

Waitin on the cake!

Sleepy boy watchin Miss Beth light the candle...

Andddddddddd blowing it outttttttttt...


Dina said...

we had fun Brandie - thanks for letting us celebrate with you and your beautiful D!! :)

Abbie said...

Really wish we could have been there! It looks like so much fun!

Chera said...

Great pix, Brandie - we had so much fun! I LOVE the 'sneak attack' pic! lol Looks like he had a great birthday! <3

Helen said...

Love the cake! Looks like you guys had so much fun! I wish we lived furter north so we could've played too.