Friday, September 19, 2008

Plano Balloon Festival

This evening we hit up the opening night of the Plano Balloon Festival. D had such a blast looking at the balloons going up "way up in da sky!" We ate a little bit there but not much. I had pizza and he had about 1/4th of a corndog before he chunked What fun though!

We barely got there in time to see the skydivers, and almost missed them.

Can't take his eyes off the balloons

LOTS of balloons!

There they go!

The Zoo balloon

"da buffalo!!!"

Not sure WHAT this thing was, but D so wanted to hug it...

Its time for the glow!

One happy little boy

He got to go down one of the big bounce house slides

D got to be a Marine for a minute! lol They were so nice, they really only were letting age 14+ do this, but he so badly wanted to!!! They sweet!

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Helen said...

So much fun! D has fun anywhere & everywhere, doesn't he? What a great kiddo he is!