Sunday, September 06, 2009

Labor Day at the Lake

Well, actually, the day before Labor Day. We headed to our family's lake house in East Texas for the day and had a great time!!

Our view from the porch...gorgeous, peaceful, calm...LOVE IT...

D posing on the pier or "the bridge" as he calls it...

D and Mommy on the pier

Weeeee! Playin on the tire swing...

Look who else is here! My aunt, uncle, one cousin and his wife, and then another cousin, his wife and their 2 little girls were there too (one of whom is this darling thing! She's 3 and is just adorable!)

And this is her baby sister! Oh the cuteness!

Let's slide!

D found some toys to play with. He was not completely happy to not be able to get in the water due to the tubes in his ears, but he managed just fine.

My grandma and Baby V...

Before lunch, we settled the kids down to watch Word World on my cousin's laptop. Even my brother joined in the though he's not a kid.

Miss A was on the pillow and as soon as I went to take the shot, she let herself fall backward giggling the whole time.

Wearing her grandpa's hat.

My other cousin giving the kids a lesson on fishing lures...

D and Mommy on the boat with Uncle Chris behind us putting his glasses up

D's not thrilled about the too big life jacket, but he's excited to be on the boat!

Let's drive!!

Cousin L helping D

I *heart* this view...

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