Monday, August 24, 2009

D's first day of Kinder!

So it begins. My big boy started Kindergarten today! He woke up with a grin on his face all ready to go. I showed him one more time where his food was in his lunchkit, had him sign his name to his teacher's survival kit, and we headed out the door. For the first day, I decided to walk him to school. Half way there, he asked if I would hold his hand. It gets me all choked up just thinking about it, and I think he was starting to get a bit anxious with his excitement. He was great in the classroom though and waved me off without a problem. I hope all the new kinder kids are having an awesome day today!!

Just to compare how much he has GROWN in 3 is the pic from his first day at AHA Preschool when he was 2, just a week after I got him...

And here he is this morning. In his first outfit...and his official kinder first day pic. Unfortunately, the pants were big, with no adjustable waist and we had belt issues and I didn't want to send him without a belt, so we changed into smaller shorts at the last minute for actual school, hence the pant

In front of his new excited!

D with his new teacher, hope you have a great first day at school, D!!!!

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