Sunday, August 23, 2009

First Day of Kinder Part 1 - The Lunch

As D starts school tomorrow, I find myself becoming very obsessed with every little detail. Today (or rather, around midnight Saturday night, I prepared his lunch). This is subject to some changes today/Monday morning but I think I'm pretty set with this.

First, the lunchkit and backpack that D picked out. The black bottom part of the lunchkit is where one of the food containers goes.

This is the container that slides into the bottom. He's going to have pasta with a bit of olive oil and shredded cheese on top, plus pepperoni, a few pickle slices and broccoli drizzled with light ranch. It's all items I know he'll eat consistently.

In a snack container in the top part, I put some apple newtons, popcorn, and 3 little frosted animal crackers.

Can't forget a bottle of water!

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Abbie said...

Great first day lunch!