Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Our 3 year anniversary week!

Aug 16th - 21st, 2006 was one exciting week! Aug 16th was the day I first got to meet D in person. Aug 18th, he came home with me for the weekend, but I had to bring him back that Sunday to his foster home. And then Aug 21st, I signed all the paperwork and he came home with me for good!! To commemorate it being 3 years since then, I thought I'd share some pics from that first week. Enjoy!

Aug 16th, 2006 He bonded so easy!

Aug 16th, 2006 Cutie!

Aug 17th, 2006 Got to take him for an hour or so, we went to McDs for dinner...

Aug 19th - relaxing at home with his soon to be new mommy!
Aug 19th - finding out he's a GOOD eater...lolAug 20th - morning playtime

Aug 21st - The papers are signed and this little man is ALL MINE!!!


Dina said...

*love* such a sweet baby boy!!!

Teresa said...

Such a cutie! *love*

Stacy said...

i remember those he has grown!

Jamie said...

Ahhhh!!! Happy Anniversary. Love those photos. I had never seen them.

Jalissa said...

He has grown so much!