Saturday, August 25, 2007

Our DFWAM Day In The Life!

Today was our Day In the Life for DFWAM so I thought I'd post it on here too!

This was D at 230am when I went to bed...

And I went in when I heard him stirring early this morning to find this:

There was a CUTE pic of him in his undies riding his rocking horse, but I decided to not post that since this is Let me know if you wanna see it...

D in the car on the way to ToysRUs, I forgot I had a giftcard there so we went to go get his tball helmet!

MMMM Lunch! Cheesy chicken and rice, with broccoli and carrots, pineapple and sliced tomatoes...he ate it ALL!

Showing off the new Tball helmet!!!

Watching a show about Sea Lions on Animal Planet

D knocked OUT for a nap, he said "I tired!" and went right to my bed and went to I didn't wanna chance waking him with the flash so its a cellphone pic.

We went to Mesquite to get some tball stuff from a friend on DFWAM...(Thanks again, Cami!)

D played with bubbles outside over there...ingested a

After a stop at HalfPrice Books, we are back at home, D is helping mommy pick up toys and put them in the hamper in our vehicle

After a mini-melt-down over a lost penny, he's all about his "money", D wants to carry his new equipment bag!

Showing off the new bat and helmet!

Dinner!! Breaded chicken patty (he's showing you how to properly dip it in BBQ sauce!), plus steamed carrots with a touch of brown sugar, and more pineapple

Yeah thats an empty bowl! YUM!

He always has to show off Shamu...

Bathtime for D!

Look at those lashes and eyes!!

7:45PM Night Night World!!!

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