Sunday, August 19, 2007

Water fun!

First off, I gotta say...I SIGNED D UP FOR JUNIOR T-BALL!!!!! WOOOTTT! He starts it in September...I can't wait!!!

Okkkk, today was a good day...D and I met another DFWAM mom to do some Mr. Potato Head exchanging, then we headed back to our house to chill. And then we went on a playdate with one of D's All Time Favorite girls. We hit up the Addison fountains and then off to Braums for some icecream. See pics below...I took the last one and Cassidy's mom took the other ones (she ROCKS the photos!) D and Miss Cassidy are SOOO cute together!!! They had some... issues...with sharing toys, but once we took all the toys out of the water, they played pretty well together.
Yeah I dunno why the middle picture is pixelated once I uploaded it... :( oh wellllll...

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