Sunday, August 12, 2007

A weekend in Oklahoma City

We spent the weekend in Oklahoma City visiting my dad and his wife. They have a dog named Molly, she and D had a BLAST with each other. D would get pretty tired of her effusive kisses after awhile, but then he'd be saying "c'mere Mawry, c'mere!!" lol

Most of Saturday morning, D and Molly played outside in the sprinkler with Liz. They had a blast!

We hit up the Oklahoma County Free Fair, where my dad's wife, Liz, had won multiple ribbons for her photographs, in particular, a blue ribbon for this one! She took it at his birthday party back in June...LOVE IT!

The fair was cool. D got his face painted and some balloons.

We went to this new place called Pops.

Its website says this: "Meet POPS -- the newest, coolest landmark along Historic Route 66! Located in Arcadia just a few miles northeast of Oklahoma City, POPS is a one-of-a-kind, must-see destination.

It starts with a 66-foot soda pop bottle that makes POPS an instant icon. At its base is an ultra-modern gas station, restaurant, shake shop, gift shop, convenience store and event venue.

Of course, POPS' #1 signature is just that - soda pop - with a record-breaking selection of more than 400 ice-cold sodas and beverages. Like root beer? POPS has 43 varieties. Or cream soda? Find more than 50 flavors." It was pretty cool.

Then we went to the Omniplex where D was in his own personal heaven of flipping switches and pushing buttons!

My brother Chris at the controls...

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