Monday, January 04, 2010

Day 3 of the OKC Trip

Our last full day in OKC. We hit up the Fireman's Museum there, but on the way, I happened to spot quite an unusual cloud formation. Apparently there had been some aircraft go through the clouds and with as cold as it was, well, I'm not sure of the rest of the explanation, but it just looked crazy cool!!! After the museum, back to the house, to bake my dad a birthday cake since we would be leaving early the next day. And finally, we went to go watch my dad's soccer game, and then back to the house for some cake! A great day!

How neat is this??

D's such a poser...

Off to the playground outside the museum...

And climbing on the firetruck that was out there...that's my bro way in the background...

Yay for tire swings!

Mmmmmm the best part of cake making, licking the beaters!

Time to sing happy birthday!!

Get all the candles!!! Happy early birthday, Dad!

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Helen said...

Random, but... I totally want a cake stand like that!! Love it!