Sunday, June 17, 2007

D's 3rd Birthday Party!! (The 2nd One)

So today was D's second 3rd birthday party! This was a family-only one at my aunts house. It was going to be a pool party, so they had bubbles and beach balls and floaties and water guns, but it RAINED!!! Nooooooooo...although we did get some sun in the afternoon so D got in the pool for a minute...but that was it...we had fun though! Here's pics!

The cake!!!! How cool is that???!!!!

D's showing off HIS cake

Lots of beachballs!!!

D watchin some tv in his new chair

Playing with his new fish

D and Aunt Donna

My grandma and two of my aunts

Its a Slip N Slide!

Oooohhh a Transformers Mr Potato Head!!!

AND a dump truck!!

1 comment:

Carol L said...

That cake is awesome!!!

As always, thanks for sharing all these precious moments with lil D!

Love ya!!!
Carol :)