Sunday, January 13, 2008

D's first movie at the theater!

WOOHOO! We survived! lol Despite bonking his head at my grandma's resulting in a big goose egg on his head, AND touching the muffler on my truck, resulting in a mild burn on his aunt and I took D to his first theater movie!!! We saw the Pirates That Don't Do was CUTE! I got D a movie meal so he had popcorn, lemonade, and a sour patch rope, and he did GREAT!!!! He requested one potty break, but otherwise, was either munching or watching the movie, it was the perfect length, 80 minutes.

I was so excited, going to the movies was a BIG part of my childhood and I couldn't WAIT to share it with him! I'm just sad I didn't have my camera!


Dawn Endres said...

How fun! I want to take mine to see that movie too! I'm glad all went well and he was such a big boy!

Rebecca said...

That's great! Going to the movies is such a wonderful childhood experience! I remember sleeping through a lot of my first movies, haha!