Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter weekend 2009

This weekend we headed to our family's lake house in East Texas. We were fortunate that Saturday was a gorgeous day so we took full advantage of it! Sunday it just rained all day so we headed home shortly after lunch. It was a fun weekend! Here are some pics from our day outside on Saturday...

D about to draw with chalk

While the rest of us played soccer

Then he decided to pull his wagon around awhile

Uh oh he found the Bubble Blaster!


Our view of the lake from the porch

I walked him down to the pier for abit, tooooooooo cool to go in the water though!

We busted out the frisbee for abit (that's my aunt Carol)

After playtime, D, my brother, and I headed to the cemetery where my grandad is buried to visit his grave, while my two aunts hid eggs in the yard for an Easter egg hunt for D. I hadn't been to see my grandad in almost a year, and badly wanted to go.

This is the little church that my grandma grew up in, and where the cemetery is. We have family plots out there.

Back to the house and D's ready to find some eggs.

He was quite proud of all his loot!

The BIG egg he found had a new matchbox car in it, he held on to that thing ALL weekend!

After this, we busted out a kite that I brought. It was quite a windy day so it flew nicely!

D had a great time flying it!


Abbie said...

Looks like a fun Easter! Glad you guys had a good time!

Helen said...

What a perfect way to celebrate Easter. ...did you see a certain hot guy out there? ;)