Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas gifts

In thinkin about what to make for D's teachers for Christmas, I came across this blog post:

And knew that was what I wanted to do. So here is the making of the first one. I have 4 more to go and will post a pic of all 5 when done.

Start with soup cans with a poptop. Then using a can opener, open the BOTTOM of them. Empty and wash them well.

I filled this one with Hersheys Kisses and a giftcard, and then hot glued the bottom back on. After I flipped it back over, I used scrapbook paper to wrap around it and hot glue into place. I also added two pieces of ribbon because I don't exactly cut the straightest and the edges of my scrapbook paper were a bit crooked. I'm all about honesty here.

Then I used the rest of that piece of scrapbook paper to make a tag with D's santa picture and threaded some ribbon through the pop top.

And of course gotta let em know what to do.

I love these!!!


FabulousTerrah said...

Wow Brandie! LOVE this idea. Too cute.

daneat05 said...

Those are adorable Brandie!!!