Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sea World!

For D's birthday this year, we took a trip to Austin and San Antonio. We spent one day at Barton Springs in Austin, but D HATED it, as it was so cold! So, no great pics of that. Then the next day we went to...Sea World! D was crazy excited, and did GREAT!

Ready to see Shamu!

And there's a baby!!

About to ride the kiddie roller coaster ALL BY HIMSELF

"Hi, Momma!!!"

lol the walrus was doing sit ups...

D said "That's the fake Shamu, but I still like him"

Thanks to the trainer who held the dolphin's snout so D could pet him!!!

Feeding frenzy!

Exhausted lil man back at the hotel with a frosty...ahhh bliss...

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