Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Family Reunion 2007

So last weekend was our annual Ragsdale family reunion in Jacksonville, TX at my grandparents lake house. It was D's first one! My grandma wasn't able to come last year due to my grandad being sick, but she was able to come this year and I know it was hard on her.
Here's pics...

D checkin out the water

The lake house

My cousin and his wife

My aunt and my grandma

Cousins, and that sweet baby girl!

Check me out!

Bein sweet to the baby

That sweet baby!!!

Playin follow the leader

Would you take the dang bottle??!!!

My cousins wife and the baby!

My cousin doin what he does best...lol

D and a new friend in the pool

Helllllllllllo up there!


Don't drink the water, D!

Lookin up, cause thats where it all is!

A quick snack before more playtime

Sweet boy!


More bubbles!

Chillin in the hammock

Our new friend came back!

Readin a book with aunt Donna

Hi, Mom!

Checkin out the boats

Walkin with aunt Donna

Big boy helpin pick up pinecones

Water time!

Gettin all wet!

Acccckkk, momma got me!!

She got me again!!!

Slip'n N Slidin

No more water?

Showin off on the slide

Yes, they are upside down...

D and grandma

A storm is blowin in

And the obligatory pic of D sleepin on the way home

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