Monday, July 23, 2007

Our weekend in San Antonio and SEAWORLD

It was one crazy weekend! We get up Saturday morning and are out the door at 5am only to find this:

Yup it had a huge nail in it! Urgghhh...I was freaking out, but my friend Kristen finally came over (thank you KRISTEN!!!!) and changed it to my fullsize spare and we were on the road at 9am...
We got to my friend Tina's house (she was coming to Sea World with us) in Austin and we ate lunch there...
D got bit by her dog! D was all getting up in the dog's face and the dog snapped at him...yikes! D freaked OUT, but praise the Lord, the damage was not bad. He had two superficial scratches on his face which were faded by the afternoon and then a tooth cut on the inside of his upper lip which bled abit but it stopped quick and really wasn't that bad. So that was our trauma for the
We were at Sea World alllllllll afternoon and evening, and were exhausted! D did great though, I mean, he was a bit whiny and stuff, but he didn't fall out with a tantrum or anything. He perked up a bit after we ate, and he LOVED the sealions and Shamu! He never actually touched a dolphin, but he at least stayed on his tummy on the side of the pool, didn't try to jump in. Here's pics from the weekend! We made it home about 630 or so on Sunday and D was passed out in the bed about 715...slept allllllllll night...

D halfsleep on the way south...after having woken up at 445am

His first glimpse of Sea World...wowwww


Lets get this party started!

Feeding the dolphins

The Coral Reef/Aquarium

D with Tina staring at the water

He was so entranced by the aquarium...

Uhoh he gota water gun!

Riding the paint cans with Tina and some random

Freeze, punk!!! Actually he was tryna shoot her in the back...he doesn't play fair...

Hahahaha, GOT YOU!

Ahhhhh she got my gun and got me back!!!!

Riding the mini-ferris wheel...Tina was so cool to ride the rides with D

The sealions show!

And a WALRUS joined the show!

Hungry and thirsty, time for a dinner break!

Anddddddd its SHAMU!!!!

About two minutes after we left Sea World, I stripped him down to his pullup since he was so hot...po baby was tuckered OUT...

Playing at Central Market on Sunday afternoon in Austin

And of course the obligatory pic of D sleeping on the way home!!!


Ringmaster K said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome!
What a great time!
I am so excited for you guys!

Anonymous said...

doesn't look like you guys had any fun at all...all those sad sad pictures :-)