Friday, February 15, 2008

Our rush to the ER

So...D went to school on Thursday...he soooo wanted to be there for the Valentines Day party. He almost made it. The party was at 3, and at 2, his school called me to say:

That he had a 106 fever and was shaking. Yes, 106. Actually, the underarm thermometer said 105.3. So 106.3 with the point added. I was FREAKING, and have never felt so out of control. Thank you Lord I did not get a speeding ticket. 16 miles from work to his school has never felt so far.

Anyway, I rushed him to Medical City Childrens ER. They were GREAT with him. Turns out he has strep throat. Poor baby got a nice big shot in the booty and a popsicle for his efforts.

He is doin much better today, although his fever still hasn't broken. Its hovering right around 99. Our plan this weekend is to rest and hopefully all will be well by Monday. If I don't get it too. lol


Dawn Endres said...

Aw..Poor baby! I hope he gets well soon and that you don't get that stuff. Ug. *Hugs*

Chelsea said...

Poor D!
I am so glad he is feeling better.
106 is so scary. I bet you were one worried mama!