Saturday, June 21, 2008

D's birthday party and afterparty!

Happy 4th Birthday, D!! Today was his birthday party at a Frisco Fire Station, which was awesome! Then we came back to my house so D could get in a nap, he played with my dad and his wife Liz for awhile after that, and then we hit up Jack Carter pool for some swim time. D is currently CRASHED OUT, and mommy is about to head the same way. Check out the pics!

The cake...YUMMY

D's early bday gift, it made noises too...was a big hit!

Everyone had to try it on!

Here, Cassidy, wear THIS hat!

Letting the fireman have a turn

With all the gear he's about to put on for the kids to see...

The kids got to help him

The firetruck tour!

I was surprised they all got to get up in there...

They loveddddddd it...

A group picture, but noone was smiling! Too busy...and Micah was waiting on the siren to go off...

Jalen and Micaela

More checking out of the firetrucks

AND we're in the ambulance...hopefully the ONLY time he will be in an ambulance!

D and one of his favorite girls...

And his other favorite girl...

They had a dalmation there too!!

D was being way too silly, too much excitement

Blow out the candle, baby boy!!!

Uhhh yeah, I think he enjoyed the cake...

Miss Cassidy and her own fireman's hat

D got a basketball set, thanks Miss Beth!

And a super soaker!! And lots of great gifts! Thanks everyone!

Playing with Liz back at the house

At Jack Carter, ready to go swim!

Uhhh D...splashing em, does NOT impress the girls...gotta work on that...

D and cute!

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Dawn Endres said...

What a fun party! Looks like everyone had a great time!