Sunday, August 31, 2008

Our day at the ZOO!

Today we wanted a special adventure that was JUST for the boys. So Beth and her two boys, and Casey, her son, and his cousin, and D and I, took the train down to THE DALLAS ZOO!

We had a BLAST, and for the most part, the boys did great!

Breakfast on the go

Michael and Z waiting patiently

Micah checking things out

We had some visitors...

Michael being silly

That sweet boy, Brian

Ready to go!!!

Are they ready to go?

Mommy and D

Walking up to the zoo entrance

OMG guys, what is that???

Its Spongebob! Get him!

Them boys

D, not being very cooperative, in front of an elephant statue

All loaded up in the wagon, ready to go

Checking out...

The penguins!

Hey big guy, where ya goin?

You came to see us???

Hiiiiiiiii, gorilla!

Our beautiful boys

Our funny visitors

Z and Michael, apparently, our captains

Whats that??


Whatcha eatin, Beth?

Such a

Always smilin...


Mommy and D, tired but happy

Us ladies...aren't we beautiful???

Touchin the stingrays...yes they all really touched one! Except Z, I think...

See the sticker? Yes, he touched one too!

I think these were the otters...

Yup, now we can ALL be otters...check us out!!! First is Michael...

Then Micah

Then Z...

There's D-man! adults gotta be silly too!


And Beth!

The rhinoceros, oooohhh big stinky guy...

Brian, such pretty eyes...

A bighorn sheep, he would NOT move closer for a pic...

Uhhh can't remember the name of this guy...

First and ONLY kid to take a

Yummy ice cream! Well in our case, sherbet!

Theres the icecream!

Petting a guinea pig

And a regular pig...they all said "ouch!"

LOL D is all excited...

to see

Playing on the playground abit before we headed home

And D being silly with the kangaroo statues



Michael's Mommy said...

What a great day we had! Cant wait til tomorrow

Helen said...

You guys have so much fun together! Wow! The boys must all love it!