Saturday, August 02, 2008

Our trip to the Aquarium and Deep Ellum

Today we joined our friends Teresa and her little boy J to hit up the Dallas World Aquarium. We had a great time!!!

Come onnnn, J, you gonna join us??

A quick snack before we begin our journey

Checkin out the fishies


A waterfall

"You get the picture, but I'ma keep eating, deal?"

Teresa took this one of D and I...

D loved the turtles

Looookkkk!! (There was lots of that!)

"Look, mommy!" The stingrays

The only part of this big guy that we could see...

"Whatchu lookin at??"

The otters didn't want to swim much today but did show themselves to us abit

This guy was way up in the tree

This one walked straight towards us, then veered away....hmmmm

We stopped by the penguins but it wasn't quite feeding time...they were just chillin

The boys looked a bit but we didn't stay there long

Wow, J, that thing is bigger than you are!

I dunno WHAT this was called, but the colors on it were GORGEOUS, too bad the pic doesn't show it...

We loved hanging out in the tunnel under the sharks!

And these

We ALL loved it...

The blue on this one was BEAUTIFUL

Ok back to the was now feeding time!

The boys were suitably impressed

After the aquarium, we skimmed by Deep Ellum to find the painted walls, and we found this one with a flag, but the boys were exhausted and didn't last long, so we drove around a bit to find a few more, and then headed back. But how COOL is that???

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Helen said...

I don't think I've ever noticed that wall. Too cool! The Aquarium looks like a blast too!