Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The start of D's big boy room!

Well it only took me a month or two to figure out exactly what I wanted, but it came today!!! Thanks to a generous donation for a new dresser for D (thanks you guys!!!!), I was also able to include a new bed with it, and I bought him a new mattress. D's room before was STARK. It was an old mattress/boxspring on a frame, and a short stand for his air purifier. That was it. Well, and the curtains, which are still up for now ( I know they are too long, I'm working on But now...he's getting a REAL ROOM!! Yay! I have big plans for wall art. I'm going to get canvas and paint and make paintings. Plus, he'll be getting new bedding here soon (hence why I didn't take pics of his old bedding on the bed). I'll post an update as we go!

Please ignore the spots, those are on my camera lense.

Hehehe testing it out...ahhhh comfort...

He's so proud!!!


Dina said...

wow - that furniture is really nice! and will last him quite a while!!

Helen said...

You know I love it!