Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy July 4th!!!

Well due to unforeseen circumstances, we ended up not going OOT to the lake for a family reunion and had to stay in Dallas today. True to D and I's form, we made it worth it!

This evening for dinner we joined our friends Teresa and her fam at SNUFFER'S! I have not had a decent burger in forever, and we chowed our way through a burger and fried pickles. lol Not very diet-like but I worked it out.

Then we joined Amanda, her DH, Stacy and all the kiddos for some playtime at Bob Woodruff and then fireworks! It was a great evening!

Silly boy waiting on some food

The obligatory pic of me and my boy (I've really been trying this year to ASK people to take pics of us, I don't want regrets later even though I hate the pics. You guys only get to see the half decent ones)

Thanks for joining us, Teresa and fam! We had a great time!

Look who I got to get my hands on out at Bob Woodruff!!

I *heart* these kiddos...

Sweet sisters...

D and his girl...bout to watch some fireworks...

Waiting...waiting, oh so patiently...

Fireworks! And my camera sucks so no good pics of those!!

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Abbie said...

What a fun day! Looks like everybody had a blast. Love that pic of you and D!