Saturday, July 04, 2009

KaBOOM Town!

I think we've figured out how to avoid the worst of Kaboom Town. Thanks to our friend Krisinda showing us exactly where to park, and then some pure dumb luck, our friends Jenn, her daughter, and D and I were able to have a few relaxing hours and then see some of the best fireworks around in Addison (AND get out of there pretty quickly!!!)

We let the kids play in the water abit, but we already knew we weren't spending money on food or bounce houses, so we wandered over to Addison Circle to see if we could find a restaurant to chill out in. Turns out, Greenz has a slightly raised patio overlooking foot traffic. We camped out there for 2 hours, sipping on drinks (the NONalcoholic Our other friends Chera, her DH and her daughter ended up joining us for a bit and the kids had a ball performing for people passing by. So uuuhhh I apologize if you got heckled by a half nekkid 5 year old on a patio!

Jenn and her beautiful, SUPER sweet daughter (this kiddo has such an awesome heart for God, she's so sincere, just an absolute joy to be around, you can tell her momma is raising her up right!)

D was telling her "come hereeeeeee"

My beautiful boy...half nekkid. A summer night on the patio just isn't the same fully clothed lol

Back story on this pic...they'd been playing "tag" the whole time at IKEA and this evening. I asked them to stand together for the pic and hold off on the tagging til I took the pic. She's just WAITING for me to take it so she can tag him and take off!! lol

Look who joined us!!!
"What?" Heckling pedestrians...
Me and my sweet boy, watching some fireworks.

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Abbie said...

It's times like these I wish we still lived around there so we could hang out with you guys!