Sunday, October 01, 2006

A fine saturday

Well, just when I thought today was gonna be a dull day, I gota phone call... The day started out with D and I just chilling...he got up around 8:15am and came in my room. I had him go shut the door to my room and let him play with his toys while I slept a little more. We got up around 10, he ate some breakfast. We goofed off a little bit...

At noon, my brother called asking us if we wanted to join him and my aunt at Northpark Mall for lunch and looking around. We were going to eat lunch at PF Changs, but instead went to McCormicks, a seafood place. D did really great there...he even tried to pay the bill!

After we ate, my aunt dragged us into Build a Bear to get one for D...she had seen a Pooh bear in the window with a pumpkin outfit on and really wanted that one! Sooooooo we got it!

That was our excitement for the day...after that we came home and chilled and then went to Walgreens around 7 to get some pictures I had uploaded to their website. Came home, ate some dinner, and D was knocked OUT...thats my baby!!!


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