Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A no biting Monday...but NOW WHAT...

So, last week was a ROUGH week for little man D, well and for mommy too...lol He had THREE red light days, which means he bit 4 times in those three days and was pushing other kids and being rough etc. BLAH...well so we had us some LONG talks this past weekend and "worked things out"...and yesterday he did not bite at ALL, did not push or anything. However we have a new problem...

He can't keep his hands out of his pants...yeah...great...allllll day yesterday from what his teacher said. I have noticed lately that at bathtime and diaper time that he tries to play with himself. I haven't been wanting to make a huge deal out of it. a) I don't want him to be ashamed of himself and b) I don't want to place undue importance on it. So I usually just move his hands away and redirect him to something else, he has NO attention span so its actually usually pretty easy to get his attention on something else...lol

But I guess right now, I need to add that to my list in talking to him about appropriate behaviors....greatttttt...like we don't have enough that we cycle through every morning before school. No biting, being nice to the other kids, listening to his teacher, etc, etc, etc...I'm
afraid that soon he's gonna bust out with "well damn momma, what CAN I do"...I can SO see him saying that...lol

The week is going pretty well so far...last night was the Search for Significance class, and we had SO much to cover that they kept us late. But it was good stuff. I've been thinking a lot about the codependency part of it, because I know I'm in at least ONE codependent relationship. Yeah, it sucks...I'm workin on it though...lol

Well its the end of the fiscal year up here at work, so things have been crazy. My coworker and I both got new computers so we spent two days getting those all set up with our software and programming stuff.

This coming weekend, my friend in Missouri is coming to DALLAS! WOOOO...she's bringing her 4 year old daughter, and we're gonna hit up the fair on Saturday...gonna be a GREAT weekend!! At the very least, it will take my mind off my grandad...at the most, its gonna ROCK...cause I haven't seen either of them since March...and that was a pretty quick visit to Missouri plus I was sick with allergies half the time...so yeah I can't WAIT.

Thats all for today...I'm out...


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